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Crisp & Fresh: Stirring Emotion in Branding

Crisp, fresh...

A strong brand creates associations that stir emotion consistent with their messaging over time – if only subtly or for a split second. ‘

Build up these cerebral connections and you have a brand that evokes feeling. Images, videos, advertisements, posts, articles, brochures etc. don’t have to be controversial to induce emotion. Your messaging can be subtle, but consistent.

Think about what you want your prospective buyers to feel when they encounter your brand.

It's no secret what we want you to feel with Logo Logo...

We don’t use images by accident.  We don’t use words by mistake.

You won’t necessarily remember this image of the ice cold wine, delicious, perfect grapes combined with our logo, but over time, as you interact more with us,  you may very well draw associations.

We hope you think of Logo Logo as:

  • Modern
  • Smart
  • Fresh
  • A bit Cool


What do you want your clients to FEEL about you?

It’s worth thinking about.

Is your name more important than your logo?

We argue - Yes!

Getting your company name nailed from the start is arguebly way more important than your  logo as it is the first step in defining your brand.

A logo is changeable.  A name isn’t quite as versatile.

1. It's handy if your name conveys what you actually do

This ISN’T a rule, but it is handy.  You wouldn’t look at our brand “Logo Logo” here in New Zealand and wonder what we do.

A Plumbing company would be better to have the word “Plumbing” or “Plumbers” in their name to avoid confusion – unless there is scope to move more into project management and offer other trade services in the future.

Think about successful non-fiction books – chances are they state what their book is about – which tells you whether it’s worth reading the blurb or not.

2. Say it Out Loud

You might be surprised what a huge difference this makes.

For starters, people need to easily say the word/words in order for them to memorise it.  

You also don’t want someone on the radio butchering it if the name is too much of a tongue-twister.

Another (very important) reason to say it out loud to avoid a situation where your name is saying something unintentional.  For example. let’s say your initials are: “RC”.  That could sound like “Arsey” – which you may not want your brand to be associated with (Unless you have an edgy underwear brand).

3. Initials are boring

I’m sure you could cite all sorts of successful businesses with initials.  Yes, you can.  

But look, they’re boring.

Those mega-corporations can also get away with it because they’ve been around forever AND they have scullions of dollarino’s.

Initials are lazy.  Avoid those.

4. Shorter is Sweeter

Again, humans are simple and we have a lot of information to process these days.  

Make it easy for the person who is trying to absorb your name.  

Instead of “Techno Vision Computer Literacy Courses” Go with “Techno Vision” and possibly add the rest as a byline.

Think Google, Yahoo, Starbucks, Wendys, Ikea, Volvo etc. 

5. Be Unique to be Competitive

Research your competition and make sure your logo isn’t too similar to other companies.

But not tooooo different that people assume you’re in a totally different industry.

6. Love it.

Ultimately, your business is your baby.  You need to love it and get behind it 100%.  

And when you need a logo, let us know! 

Recent Work: Intuitive Systems

Intuitive Systems is a specialised I.T company in Auckland, NZ.  Their main product is to do with sending data electronically to their clients, so they can eliminate data-entry and paperwork.


It’s a tricky message to communicate, which is why it is absolutely vital to have a web design that keeps their potential clients engaged.  After all, when people don’t understand what they’re reading, they click away.


The main objective is to have prospects phoning or emailing through queries or requests.  We made sure a clear, crisp, contact form, phone number and address is on every page.


We also supplied complimentary mock-ups so that they can promote their brand new website to drive engagement and keep themselves top-of-mind to their networks.

“It was great working with Logo Logo!  Our website is looking fantastic and we are already generating new enquiries!”

– Lucy, Intuitive Systems.


If you’d like to talk to us about your next project, we would love to help!  Book in a phone call today.

If you'd like a call that is!


7 Reasons to kick your business off with a Professional Logo

Well, we’re completely biased here at Logo Logo.  We think you owe it to your future self to start your company with a killer logo.  Here are a bunch of reasons why:

1. To be Memorable

Keep your message on point, keep your colours and fonts consistent, put your logo out there as much as you can, and be remembered.

2. To Give your Competition a run for their money

Be different, whether it’s edgier, bolder, younger, more luxurious, subtler or smarter.  Your logo can help you instantly distinguish yourself.

3. To look more established than you may in fact be

You may have years and years of experience, and you may be taking all of that experience and starting up a business.  Your business may not be established, but you know yourself that you’re going to nail your service to your clients.

Starting off with a solidly designed logo, makes you look legit, right from the get go.

4. You’ll Attract more of the right kind of clients

The look of your logo and overall brand can be designed to suit your ideal client.  Women in the 20-30 demographic would be attracted to wildly different design to a 13 year old boy.

5. To demonstrate your Staying Power

Clients want to know you’re not going anywhere.  Having a logo and branded materials shows that you have invested in your business.

6. To Sell Your Business down the track

Investors want to know you’re reputable.

7. For your own Confidence

When you have a logo, suddenly, your business seems real.  It’s not that pye in the sky idea your friends are rolling their eyes about thinking ‘Here we go again’.  Get something you can be proud to promote.