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Crisp & Fresh: Stirring Emotion in Branding

Crisp, fresh… A strong brand creates associations that stir emotion consistent with their messaging over time – if only subtly or for a split second. ‘ Build up these cerebral connections and you have a brand that evokes feeling. Images, videos, advertisements, posts, articles, brochures etc. don’t have to be controversial to induce emotion. Your …

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Is your name more important than your logo?

We argue – Yes! Getting your company name nailed from the start is arguebly way more important than your  logo as it is the first step in defining your brand. A logo is changeable.  A name isn’t quite as versatile. 1. It’s handy if your name conveys what you actually do This ISN’T a rule, …

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Recent Work: Intuitive Systems

Intuitive Systems is a specialised I.T company in Auckland, NZ.  Their main product is to do with sending data electronically to their clients, so they can eliminate data-entry and paperwork.   It’s a tricky message to communicate, which is why it is absolutely vital to have a web design that keeps their potential clients engaged. …

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