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Crisp & Fresh: Stirring Emotion in Branding

Crisp, fresh...

A strong brand creates associations that stir emotion consistent with their messaging over time – if only subtly or for a split second. ‘

Build up these cerebral connections and you have a brand that evokes feeling. Images, videos, advertisements, posts, articles, brochures etc. don’t have to be controversial to induce emotion. Your messaging can be subtle, but consistent.

Think about what you want your prospective buyers to feel when they encounter your brand.

It's no secret what we want you to feel with Logo Logo...

We don’t use images by accident.  We don’t use words by mistake.

You won’t necessarily remember this image of the ice cold wine, delicious, perfect grapes combined with our logo, but over time, as you interact more with us,  you may very well draw associations.

We hope you think of Logo Logo as:

  • Modern
  • Smart
  • Fresh
  • A bit Cool


What do you want your clients to FEEL about you?

It’s worth thinking about.